le feu les femmes les hommes la lumière 2022

This exhibition is about finding the many sources of light in the darkness.  Whether it be a chandelier, window in a dark room, or candles on a dinner table. Without the darkness, the light is not able to shine. A simple light fixture can symbolize illumination in every sense of the word. The women in the installation are depicted as exasperated, others very docile, some staring off peacefully into space, and a few fixated intensely on the viewer.  The men appear pensive, victorious, detached, tortured, and regal. The way men and women have been depicted throughout history is extremely varied, but one thing they all have in common, as does the entire human experience, is the never ending search for lightness in the dark.  The photographs in this exhibition span over the last 14 years. The artist, always being drawn to the same subjects that intrigue her, no matter the context or location.