el camino 2018

December 7 - February 4, 2018

An exhibition during Art Basel featuring works by the artists:

Daniel Arsham, Coco Capitán, Mathieu Cesar, Blair Chivers, Wim Delvoye, Gregor Hildebrandt, Martin Kersels, Arielle Pytka, Ami Sioux, Frances Wilks, Skylar Williams, Pharrell Williams and Luka Sabbat.

Hyper Mobility is the inaugural exhibition at TheArtpark, TheArsenale Miami, curated by Jenny Mannerheim and Philippe Combres.

Mobility is a timeless theme, which has found itself amplified in our current world where everybody is constantly on the move. Since the dawn of time, and even in order just to survive, man has travelled and migrated. Today, the means of transportation allow him to do it more and more quickly, all the while questioning this very frenzy. The miles seem to shrink while the questions are multiplied with regards to the damages done to nature, climate change, and the necessity to slow down. Mobility is an intrinsic part of humanity. If we take the concrete example of the car, this mobility, associated with the machine, has acquired an iconic status, and is sometimes a sign of its driver’s status.