archipelago continuum 2022

JUST ONE EYE is pleased to present Arielle Pytka’s Archipelago Continuum, a solo exhibition of large-scale paintings created during the height of the pandemic when travel was limited to everyone, but the mind’s eye of the artist persisted in the exploration and mapping of an imaginary new world.

These works are the continuation of a series the artist debuted with Just One Eye in 2019 as the first exhibition in their new space. For the second installment of the series, the week-long exhibition will take place next door in a new pop-up gallery.

Inspired by long periods of time at sea and under the stars, including two transatlantic crossings on vintage sailboats, some of the paintings are also reminiscent of island chains in South East Asia, where Pytka lived part-time for 5 years. Archipelago Continuum navigates the journey of an adventurer and cartographer through paint and canvas to places unknown–perhaps here on Earth or in another galaxy.